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Break and Enter - Rachel Haimowitz, Aleksandr Voinov 4.5 - 5 stars
This was a great read for those that like a plot driven short. A difficult thing to achieve if you ask me with so little space for world building but this one pulls it off nicely with no world building at all.

The tech is full on and very believable for near future timelines. It weaves the relationship of the two MC's, one being heavy on the tech, the other being a tech-geek. Both characteres were easy to relate to and bond with and I was invested in the outcome.

Light on sex but when it's there it's hot and pushes the story forward. It was also a great ending. A sequel would be nice, but isn't really necessary.

All in all a good example of a well balanced, well written story that I would recommend to anyone liking high-tech with their reads. That's high-tech not sci-fi. The science in this story is not fiction but highly plausible and likely already under testing in labs around the world.